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Distinguished and Famous people from Leeton Region

1. Sir Samuel McCaughey

Sir Samuel McCaughey (1835-1919) was a prominent pastoralist and politician. He played a significant role in the development of the Riverina region, including the establishment of large sheep stations near Leeton, such as "North Yanco" and "Toorale Station." He also served as a member of the New South Wales Legislative Council.

2. Roy Rene (Harry Van der Sluys)

Roy Rene (1891-1954), born as Henry van der Sluys in Hindmarsh, South Australia, was a well-known Australian comedian of the early 20th century. He grew up in Leeton, where his family had moved when he was a child. Rene became renowned for his comic character "Mo McCackie" and later achieved national fame as "Mo, Larry, and Curly" in the Australian adaptation of the comedy trio, the Three Stooges.

3. Tim Fischer

Tim Fischer (1946-2019) was an Australian politician and diplomat. Born in Lockhart, New South Wales, Fischer had close ties to the Leeton Region. He served as the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia and led the National Party of Australia. Fischer was known for his advocacy of rural and regional issues, including railway reforms and the development of regional infrastructure.

4. Jim Maple-Brown

Jim Maple-Brown (1983-2012) was a highly regarded Australian soldier who served in the Australian Army. He grew up in the Leeton Region and attended Leeton High School. Maple-Brown served as a platoon commander in the 6th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment and tragically lost his life while on duty in Afghanistan.

5. Amy Witting

Amy Witting (1918-2001), born as Joan Austral Fraser in Sydney, was an acclaimed Australian author and poet. She spent her childhood in the Leeton Region, which heavily influenced her writing. Witting's works often explored themes of morality, love, and the human condition. She received numerous literary awards throughout her career.

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